The best in 1965.
Still the best in 1966.

Leiter’s sukkah was founded with a simple mission: to build a better sukkah. From our very first blue and yellow fabric sukkah to today’s cutting-edge models we’ve built upon this value, creating quality sukkahs for our customers around the globe.

Leiter’s offers the biggest selection of sukkahs

Leiter’s Sukkahs

Ease-Lock Sukkahs

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Leiter’s Sukkahs

Ease-Lock Sukkahs

Schach Selection

Fabric Sukkhas

Travel Sukkahs

Sukkah Decorations

Leiters' Builder™

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Custom. Sukkah

When your sukkah needs are specific, a standard sukkah just won’t do the trick. Create your very own Leiter’s sukkah. Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Get the custom sukkah that you’ve always wanted.

We’ve always been
the best at it.

Because it’s stronger.

Leiters Sukkahs are built for maximum strength, no matter how the wind blows. With solid wood construction and … , your Leiter’s Sukkah goes up strong and stays up through the winds, rain, and storms.

Because it’s the Lightest.

We’re proud to be lightweights. Light on your wallet, and even lighter on your back. Our aluminum steel construction keeps our weight down and makes assembly easy and fast. Wherever you Sukkah and however your Sukkah, our light modular and canvas options are the simple choice.

Because it’s customizable.

No two families are alike. Luckily, no two Leiter’s Sukkahs have to be, either. With our full range of customizable options, you can adjust your Sukkah to fit exactly what you need this year. Go big for the family Yom Tov, go travel-sized for the one-the-go Chol Hamoed, or keep it flexible with our adjustable modular design. Your Sukkah, your choice.

Because it lasts longer.

Produced from carefully chosen, rust-free materials, our sukkahs last longer, without losing their looks or their reliability. In fact, some say the Leiter’s you give your children is the same Leiter’s you had at your first Sukkos — trusted, reliable, and full of great memories.

Because it’s quality.

Quality isn’t an act, it’s a habit. And we’ve practiced this habit for over 40 years of raising standards throughout the world. From the quality materials we use to the quality of our innovative designs, you can find the Leiter’s trademark attention to detail in every inch of your Leiter’s Sukkah—and that includes the schach.

Because there’s plenty to choose from.

When it comes to Sukkahs, we think you deserve more options. So we made them for you. With over 6 unique styles to choose from, there’s a Leiter’s Sukkah for every porch, every front yard, and every Chol Hamoed rest-stop.

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Stories That Build Sukkahs

We went with a different sukkah for many years and kept having minor issues cropping up. This year we switched to Leiter’s – and what a difference it makes! Building the sukkah was simple and easy. And the first Sukkos in a while, we had no problems with our sukkah all Yom Tov long. 

Chaim Grossman

It’s not about price. This is quality. I needed a sukkah that would last through all weathers. I’m glad that I went with Leiter’s. There is no better sukkah out there. The modular model sukkah is the strongest, most quality sukkah that I’ve ever purchased.

Elimelech T.

I’m glad I went with a Leiter’s sukkah. We heard many great reviews from our friends. We chose the fabric sukkah because we don’t need anything very big. It’s strong, sturdy and spacious and went up in minutes. Very, very happy with the purchase.


For years, we enjoyed Sukkos in my father’s Leiter’s sukkah. When it came to buying my own sukkah, I knew without a doubt that it has to be from Leiter’s. The customer service rep I spoke with was very patient. The sukkah arrived within a few days and I put it up that night. My kids helped me build it and it went up chick-chock. We’re ecstatic with our new sukkah. Leiter’s, thank you.

Dovid Rosen

Absolutely, 100% the best sukkah on the market. Ease of use, very sturdy and easy on the eye.  It’s huge and spacious and fits perfectly on our back deck. I look forward to hosting my family and friends in our new Leiter’s sukkah. Highly recommend.

Susan Weissberg