Leiters' Builder™

Build your sukkah with just a few clicks of a button.

When your sukkah needs are specific, a standard sukkah just won’t do the trick. Create your very own Leiter’s sukkah. Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Get the custom sukkah that you’ve always wanted.

Leiters' Builder™

How it works

Set Your Sukkah Dimensions

Determine the exact measurements of your sukkah. Choose whether you want uniform sizing or custom dimensions for the sukkah walls.

Choose Material & Color

Choose the materials for your sukkah panels. You can go with a wood material and choose from a variety of colors for the exterior, flat fiberglass and choose from a variety of colors for interior and exterior, or Lucite.

Add Doors

Choose the door for your sukkah. Choose from various options for a swinging or sliding door.

Add Windows

Choose the window for your sukkah. Go with stationary glass or slide-up window.

Schach Options

Choose your schach type. You can also choose what type of schach you want based on style or hechsher. Also choose if you want 2 layers of the support beams and clamps inside and on top of the schach for extra support.

Customize It

All of Leiter’s, all for you. We bring you all of Leiter’s quality materials so that you can create a Leiter’s sukkah that’s all your own.

Simple to use

Our program is attractively laid out and easy to use. Just a few clicks of a button and you’ve created your very own Leiters sukkah.

Get instant pricing

Don’t be surprised by sudden costs or add-ons. Our program updates your sukkah’s pricing as you add or remove features.

Build Your Sukkah